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Commerson's Dolphins

More Commerson's Dolphins

Approaching Punta Quilla

Punta Quilla Post Card

High Tide

Low Tide

Preparing the Feast

Preparing and Posing with the Feast

Preparing for the Feast

Conversing before the Feast

Conversing and Consuming Beverages before the Feast

Congregating before the Feast

Consuming the Feast

Continued Consuming of the Feast

Working off the Feast

Fighting (over a bottle of wine) after the Feast

Heading out to photograph Magellanic Penguins (far left) and
photograph Kirsten Bravo from hilltop point (right of far left)

Argentine Military Target

Looking back upon outcast Magellanic Penguin

Magellanic Penguin colony at shoreline

Magellanic Penguin colony viewed from shoreline to hilltop point
(three joined photographs)

Magellanic Penguins dug in

Magellanic Penguins mingling

Magellanic Penguin colony and Grande Bay viewed from top of hilltop point

Atlantic Ocean viewed from top of hilltop point
Falkland Islands 350 miles away at bearing of 104 degrees

Cliff beyond hilltop

Cliff edge beyond hilltop
(two joined photographs)

View of Bird's nest over cliff

View of Argentine individuals at bottom of cliff
(later learned were part of Argentine Military search party)

View of Kirsten Bravo in bay at sunset from hilltop point

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