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Valerie (Street) Kinney

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I have been recently divorced after a lengthy 2 1/2 years. During that time, my sons Kyle (18 and recently graduated) and Ryan (15) have made ourselves a happy home. I am still teaching students with Multiple Disabilities at Canton Local. I also work with veterans, organizing a Veterans Day breakfast every year as well as a school wide program every fourth year. I was selected as VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars) National Citizenship Education Teacher Grades 6-8 of the Year. For that I am very proud. I have included a picture of the VFW National President, myself and the man who elected me, and the National President of the Ladies Auxiliary in Washington DC.

I included a picture of my sons Kyle and Ryan who are my greatest accomplishment at OU (Ohio University) where my oldest will go.

I have included two of my former MH students.

I do not have any grandchildren (so I have been telling my boys, Ha) What have I been doing? Keeping up with my kids. Trying to get a divorce. Working on videos, my passion. I also have been doing a HGTV (Home & Garden Television) makeover on my house since I have no baseball this summer to attend. It has been busy, but great. Hope to see you at the reunion.