'Enter Sandman': Excellent theme song to the 1971 film 'Duel'
(you will probably need to turn the volume up all the way)
To the beat in the video to the right:
  1. The 1955 Peterbilt tanker truck will crash through the gate

  2. The movie title will appear

  3. Dennis will hit the brakes at 94.5 MPH
    (just after Dennis says: 'Okay, you want to play games?')

  4. The truck will strike the snake cage

  5. The snake will strike at Dennis

  6. The truck will strike the 1971 Plymouth Valiant bumper

  7. And, for the grand finale, Duel appears on-beat 5 times

1955 Peterbilt 281 in the 1971 film 'Duel'
1991? Peterbilt 379 in the 1991 video 'Enter Sandman'

Duel Film
Enter Sandman Video